Oracle Solaris And Veritas Cluster An Easy Build Guide Pdf Download

Read online oracle-solaris-and-veritas-cluster-an-easy-build-guide , this book written by Vijay Shankar Upreti and published by Apress in PDF, Docs format also available in epub,mobi format
ISBN: 1484218337
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Oracle Solaris And Veritas Cluster An Easy Build Guide

Learn the fundamental concepts of OS clustering, Oracle Solaris clustering high-level design, Oracle Solaris clustering implementation using VirtualBox, and Veritas clustering implementation using VirtualBox. Oracle Solaris and Veritas Cluster: An Easy-build Guide shows you how to implement a cluster on your desktop or laptop devices using virtualized network, host, and storage configuration. This book explains both the architecture design and technical implementation for building Solaris Oracle- or Veritas-based clustered environments. This book provides snapshot-based steps to set up Solaris virtual hosts under VirtualBox and implement Veritas clustering across two virtual hosts that can be implemented on a desktop or laptop. This book will help you understand what it's like setting up a clustered environment, in simple steps that can be followed by users having little knowledge of clustering. What You Will Learn: Practice cluster implementation on your local PC or laptop Implement both Oracle/Solaris and Veritas clusters under Oracle Solaris 10 OS Master cluster fundamentals, concepts, and design Create virtualized environments under VirtualBox Learn the prerequisites and configuration for host builds, networking, and storage setup using VirtualBox for Solaris Oracle and Veritas Who This Book Is For: IT support engineers, education institutions and students.

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