Put Em Down Take Em Out Pdf Download

Read online put-em-down-take-em-out , this book written by Don Pentacost and published by Allegro Editions in PDF, Docs format also available in epub,mobi format
ISBN: 9781626545045
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Put Em Down Take Em Out

Forget what you've seen in movies and on television--a knife attack is usually fast, furious, and often fatal. When it comes to increasing your chances of surviving, even the best martial arts schools are no match for the hard lessons learned in brutal institutions like Folsom Prison. Folsom alum Don Pentecost's no-nonsense guide cuts through the Hollywood myths and covers valuable information like:*Defending yourself against an attack*Going on the offensive*Training methods to maximize your chances of survivalIf it's true that, as a poet once said, "prison is like high school with knives," then facilities like Folsom are the Ivy League of violence. Serving a sentence at Folsom is like earning a PhD in staying alive. Don Pentecost has done the time so you don't have to. d

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