Optimization Of Tax Sovereignty And Free Movement Pdf Download

Read online optimization-of-tax-sovereignty-and-free-movement , this book written by Sjoerd Douma and published by IBFD in PDF, Docs format also available in epub,mobi format
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Optimization Of Tax Sovereignty And Free Movement

The book argues that the notions of tax sovereignty and EU free movement should be regarded as two fundamentally equal principles. The conflict between these two principles is resolved by establishing, in individual cases, the optimum position between two extremes: a general unrestricted freedom of action by states versus a prohibition of any obstacle to the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. The process of reconciliation of these competing principles is structured by the theoretical optimization model developed in the present study. This model is external to the present case law. The application of the theoretical optimization model to the ECJ’s case law in the area of direct taxation reveals that this case law is largely in line with the model. It is certainly not as internally inconsistent as claimed in some of the tax literature. Many jigsaw pieces seem to fit after all if the case law is assessed in the light of the model. A number of future developments could be expected on the basis of the model and extensive case law analysis. The most important of these is that, in some cases, truly non-discriminatory tax measures should give rise to a prima facie restriction on free movement.

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