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Akurian Metaphysician S Handbook

The Akurian Metaphysician's Handbook Volume I contains only True Spiritual Knowledge and The Most High, Himself, will Testify that each and every word, statement and claim herein is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable and indisputable TRUTH! Seekers of Truth need only (1) properly prepare themselves, a matter of Mind and Spirit that costs nothing and takes only a minute; (2) divest themselves of all previous programming; and (3) not make ignorant preconceived determinations. If the Testimony of The Most High, Himself, isn't sufficient, what would be? The Most High Lord God of All Creation, The Most High Supreme Lord of Spirits, the God of Ish (Adam) and Isha (Eve), the God of Enoch, the God of Noe (Noah), the God of Shem, the God of Melchizedek, the God of Audreah, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael (Arabia), the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob (Israel) will personally communicate with YOU, the individual! That The Most High, Himself, will communicate directly with the individual is a real cash-register rattler to all politicians, priests, preachers and other liars, who teach that God once talked to various entities, but since has either lost the ability, the authority, or just can't find anybody qualified, except for themselves, of course. Lucifer sends Demons in all manner of disguises as such, but The Most High does not send anyone to any religion or government except victims as a Testimony against them. As result, there are few verified two-way conversations with The Most High found anywhere including the Holy Bible, Qur'an and Bhagavad-Gita, other than "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" (available everywhere) and these Akurian Metaphysician's Handbook HOW TO volumes. Even less is recorded about preparation for presenting one's self before The Most High, neither names of past assisting Entities nor the assistance provided. This Akurian Metaphysician's Handbook presents a first-person transcript of both to any and all who will know without question. Names of Power, Great Elements, Divine Winds, Gates, High Divinity Seraphim and their High Demon counterparts, Archangels and Angels are all correctly named, called and directed in proper order and procedure. Until one is proficient with these Entities and totally devoid of all "praise Jesus," "hail Mary," "Allahu Akbar," 'white light' and all other such hypocrite abominations, do not attempt to use any of these Entities or Energies in any manner whatsoever. The Akurians alone (as in "nobody else") have direct communications with and Authority of The Most High, access to the Planes of Heaven and Depths of Hell without dying, and we teach only Holy Law - the Torah, not the Talmud - Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Truth devoid of all Theologies and Doctrines of Death. There's still a Flat Earth Society for those who want to 'believe.' The Akurian Metaphysician's Handbooks ignore all such. Suppression and outright slaughter of those who had, can and still have High Divinity Access are always victims of Demonic Elements, primarily Demon-dominated religions and governments, and the closed-minded. The Akurian Metaphysician's Handbooks are no exception in spite of the fact The Most High, Himself, confirms these Audiences, Invocations of Testimony and His Own assignment of Righteous Powers and Holy Authorities as presented herein. Throughout the entirety of this Akurian Metaphysician's Handbook, Words of The Most High are double quoted (""), printed in Red; Seraphim and Angels in Royal Purple; and El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH in Blue. Pronunciation is in brackets [] with accent capitalized. Every quote has been translated directly from Angelic, the Language of the Heavens, into English. A Great Spiritual Creation, Knowledge, Wisdom and all its benefits awaits those who will divest themselves of Programmed Ignorance and Demonisms and venture into the Realms of Righteous Power and Holy Authority. The Akurians.

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